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How Does Eco Shield work?
Enhances the Performance of Mass insulation by increasing the thermal efficiency without occupying or increasing space.
Many products lay claim to energy conservation, but none with the advantages of EcoShielsd Reflective Insulation.EcoShield’s Non-toxic, closed cell blanket and.
Eco Shield reflective insulation employs two highly reflective surfaces to resist radiant heat transfer, a feature not offered by traditional mass insulation.  These reflective surfaces are joined by a patented Blanket type substance , Develop by Environmentally  Safe Products. This Blanket Is similar to the blanket insulation NASA developed for astronauts to use in outer space.  Eco Shield’s patented , non-toxic closed-cell air spaces  help prevent conductive and convective heat transfer.  Adding this technology between the two outer layers of  aluminum design make it resistant to the transfer of heat by radiation. ((.9 % aluminum stops 97% of radiant heat transfer.
Because of this, ecoShield Reflective insulation is able to offer an unmatched combination of radiant, conductive and convective resistance – making homes more comfortable at a significant lower cost.
In addition, adding to all the reflective properties, the patented technology  can add an additional r-value of your insulation by up to 9.


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